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( Princess Soraya Salon is a member of BABTAC )

*Treatment Offer for Men & Women - from Princess Soraya Salon.
Enjoy £65 Worth!..of Free Treatments!

*Isocinesis Detox Treaments - Only £89 for 1 hour ( Body Section )

Princess Soraya Salon is offering clients Free Inch loss, Infrared massage and free hand paraffin Worth 65! When they book a course of treatments

Clients who prepay also receive a 10% discount on the grand total of the treatment.
Why choose The Princess Soraya Salon...?
1 - Over 30 years experience in alternative & beauty therapy with BABTAC Membership.

2 - We offer 2 hours of Non Surgical Lift (for face,eyes,neck,bust and body) with steam,variety of Lifting machines, collagen mask at £89. Other salons charge £120 for 1 hour ,without using machines.

3 - £89 for 2 hours of Cell Rejuvenation with Chromalight. Others charge £125 without steam and effective products. Click for details.

4 - £89 for 2 hours of Wrinkle Filler treatment, using Peptide and collagen without needles at £75. Other salons Charge £125 for 1 hour, without using steam.

5 - £89 for 2 hours to overcome pigmentation. using advanced machinery and highly effective ingredients.Other salons charge £125 for 1 hour, not using advanced machinery.
6 - Hopi ear candles are used to correct : dizziness, ringing tone in ears, hearing loss,headache,blocked sinus, loss of smell & taste). We charge £50 for both ears.Others charge up to to £75 for both ears.

Testimonials from clients...

Mrs A. Balan: Age: 61 .Treatment: Had 12 sessions of Non Surgical Lift with Intense Hydration.

Results: I look years younger, muscles are toned. Skin is hydrated and wrinkles are diminished. Under eye bags are gone.

Mrs C. Taran: Age: 67. Treatment: Had 12 sessions of Wrinkle Filler and Non Surgical Lift treatments.
Results: My skin is hydrated, smooth and all lines around my face and eyes are smoothed. Eyes are lifted and I look like I have been on a long vacation.

Mrs J. Granada: Age: 87 Treatment: Had 10 sessions of Overcome pigmentation.
Results: I had a lot of Liver and age spots. After the course of treatment, my pigments were gone. My skin was radiant with health and I had a glow about me. It felt like having 15 years taken off me.

Mr K. Jones: Age: 54. Treatment : Had 8 sessions of Ear Candling (Hopi).
Results: I have done a course of Hopi for my ear wax and vertigo. The dizziness disappeared and I can hear much better. A lot of wax came out which has reduced my headaches.

Ms T. Nether : Age: 57 Treatment: Had 14 sessions of Body Lift And Electric Massager.
Results: My body muscles are toned using Slendertone. The cellulite has melted using Electric Massager. I have gone from Size:16 to Size: 12

DEXSIL- Silicium for Health
Biocare Nutrition and Vitamin
S A L U S - Multi Vitamins
BABTAC - (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) .has been the professional face of beauty and holistic therapy for over 30 years. It is the Premier UK Association for Beauticians & Therapists and is widely recognised as one of the longest standing and most influential bodies for the industry.

The BABTAC badge is the sign of confidence. Whenever our certificate and treatment list appear, the public is assured that their therapist is a qualified professional committed to excellence in their field & their continuing development as professionals.
LAMBERTS - Nutrition & Herbs

The Princess Soraya Salon Info..

The Salon is named after the Princess Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiary.

She is the second wife of the Shah of Iran and with whom the owner, Ms Firouzeh Ahari has very close family connections

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